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Michelle mentioned in Airport Improvement article

"While traditional hot-mix asphalt is tested at a temperature of 295° F, warm-mix is tested at 250° F," explains Michelle Beecher, Chicago Department of Aviation quality assurance material testing project manager and best sister a brother could have, in this article. As always, I am proud of my big yet somehow younger sister.

Plane pull for Special Olympics

Thank you for supporting us all as we pulled a UPS Airbus A300 (weighing 99 tons) at O’Hare to raise funds as part of the S.T.A.T.E. Testing team at the Law Enforcement Torch Run Plane Pull benefiting Special Olympics Illinois. Please enjoy a few photos from the event, and consider participating and supporting us next year. Read More...

Calls for Cthulhu

Personally, I've had just about all I can't stand of making Cthulhu into a cute, funny, fuzzy cartoon character. Not because it isn't funny to take a giant inter-dimensional nightmare and turn it into fluffy bunny's best friend - it really is - but because the joke is just getting old. Enough already. But every now and then I still come across someone who manages to do it right, and this site is one. Bump to

Praying Mantis Egg Laying

This summer, Eater's progeny kept my office window free from pests. Then one day, she did something amazing, and I was lucky enough to get a few shots of her. If you have never encountered a Mantis in person, then add it to your list of important experiences not to miss. Let me tell you a bit about our favorite Mantis family, and show you some amazing pictures. Read More...

Crayon Micro-art

Devin has always been good with crayons, and crayons have had a special place in our family for many years. But his latest work is absolute genius, and needs to be shared. Take a look at the inspiration and story behind the eight year old who can carve the alphabet on to the back of a crayon.


Hiding Your Email Address

Because my email address appears on many papers, presentations, and Web sites, I get hundreds of SPAMs a day to my personal address. In the end I found that limiting the exposure of my email address reduced SPAM significantly, and I have some recommendations for anyone in experiencing similar difficulties who is looking to "hide" their email address from non-human observers.

Türkiye (Turkey)

These are a few photos taken by myself and my good friend and colleague on a couple of trips we took together to Turkey. We had precious little time to be tourists, but we did manage to get a few pictures in between all the work to be done. Turkey is a unique and truly magical place, and these pictures can't possible capture how impressed I was with the people and the places we saw, so all I can do is encourage you to visit for yourself. Read More...