Do you know those quiet times?

The times in the forest or on a lonely beach where your mind wonders alone, and you are suddenly at once awed by the beauty and complexity of nature and terrified of your realization of your own insignificance? These times and these thoughts come in moments of great solitude. Do you know these times?

Ya, me neither. That's why we have hobbies. Art for me is therapy. Not that I need therapy, of course, but some people take bubble baths, some pray, some jog, some fish. Myself, I prefer to draw, paint, doodle, or even push a few pixels around. I find it relaxing, and I love the joy in giving away my work, especially if I can inspire someone or draw out an emotion.

I have scanned what few pieces of work I still have and could fit in a scanner, and I hope you have as much fun poking around and looking at them as I did making them. If you really like one, or hate one, or are offended by one, don't keep it to yourself, Contact Me, and tell me what's on your mind. Better yet, share your work with me.