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Operation Pickles

Linda rescued a painted turtle that was crossing a busy road, and brought him home. We named him Pickles, cleaned him up, checked him over, and relocated him to a pond where it would be happy and much safer. It was yet another successful animal rescue. Good luck, Pickles!

Sweeter's mantid progeny

I have received enough emails on the mantises that I thought I had better get a posting out to let everyone know that we did indeed get a family of Praying Mantises out of the Eggs that Sweeter laid. As before, we were amazed by the variance in size, color, and most interestingly, personality. I hope you will enjoy a few of the photos I took, and I am sorry they are so long overdue. Read More...

Screechy must die

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My family has a close relationship with the animals that live around our house. In fact, the entire reason we chose the house was because we had grown accustomed to living near a wooded area, and we were determined to always have a forest nearby. But that may be to the demise of one particular Screech Owl. Read More...

Puerto Rico

Here are a few pictures from a trip to San Juan, Puerto Rico. This was a work trip, so no time for sightseeing or exploring, but I did manage to get a few pictures I wanted to share. I had a bit of trouble identifying some of the species and remembering the locations, so if I got anything wrong, please help me out by letting me know.

South Dakota Photos

I finally got around to posting some pictures of a family vacation to South Dakota. I am posting some here that do not have any particular family significance per se, however you may also enjoy the entries on Custer State Park, Mount Rushmore, Reptile Gardens, and the Badlands. I hope you enjoy these shots.

Robin's nest and baby robins

A robin laid three beautiful eggs in our front yard, and the kids spotted the nest. With an angry set of parents around, it was not easy running over with the camera and having about two seconds to compose, focus, and shoot, but I did get a few good pics. We love all the animals around us, and this is the first time we got to see robins grow up. Read More...

Praying Mantis Egg Laying

This summer, Eater's progeny kept my office window free from pests. Then one day, she did something amazing, and I was lucky enough to get a few shots of her. If you have never encountered a Mantis in person, then add it to your list of important experiences not to miss. Let me tell you a bit about our favorite Mantis family, and show you some amazing pictures. Read More...