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Hiding Your Email Address

Because my email address appears on many papers, presentations, and Web sites, I get hundreds of SPAMs a day to my each of my many addresses. In the end I found that limiting the exposure of my email address reduced SPAM significantly, and I have some recommendations for anyone in experiencing similar difficulties who is looking to "hide" their email address from non-human observers.

The simplest thing to do is to change from giving your email address to giving a URL. At the bottom of your white paper, for example, instead of "Email me at" you could do something like "Contact me via my Web site at" On the resulting Web page, use a good JavaScript email address obfuscation technique (there are too many to mention, but any search engine will help you find one). Most spiders surprisingly still have a really tough time picking out the email address from these. The Web page will get a TON of traffic, but your inbox won't.

If you don't have a personal Web site, you can still use a simple URL. Services like and take a URL and make a short one from it. They are designed to make it simpler to send hyperlinks, but they work great on email addresses as well. Simply use these services to create a a URL for you email address in the form and publish the resulting reference URL. Real humans who click on the links have no problem, but robots trolling for email addresses ignore them. Well, it will unless my little trick becomes too widespread. :-)