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Embedded Systems

Leopard is a Rotten Apple So Far

I finally decided to upgrade my MacBook Pro to Leopard, and really, I could not be more disappointed. If you showed me Leopard without telling me what it was, I would have guessed it was Microsoft's latest attempt at copying Aqua, or some really clever Gnome theme.

In short, Leopard is buggy, and the UI is the most un-Apple-like thing I have ever seen from Apple. I've burned enough hours fixing and working around dozens of issues, so I am not going to go the full 9 yards with screen captures and examples, but here is a sampling of my gripes...


Reversal Series: C/C++ goto

This month I thought I would start a feature whereby I point out a professional reversal. I pride myself on having found a way to be both stubborn and flexible at the same time. Obviously, I'm right almost all the time, but that part about being flexible means that I, albeit rarely :-), change my opinion or pattern based on good information or experience. Now, we're not talking Tony Flew suddenly believing on God here, but there are a few more minor reversals that may help developers, engineers, and scientists who are just starting their journey. Read More...

OWASP Feedback: Does Embedded = Secure?

I recently briefed the OWASP forum in NYC, and I received some great feedback that I'd like to address en mass.

1) Embedded = or ≠ Secure, which is it?
2) How is HYDRA's security posture transferred to the servers it protects?

Allow me to answer your questions, and take you on a journey exploring embedded systems security in general. But be warned, there's math involved...