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O'Hare Runway 9L-27R

My sister invited us to attend an event where we walked on Runway 9L-27R just before it opened. It was an absolutely amazing experience, and I got some great shots of the boys. See the photos...

2007 in review

In 2007 the Wii and Turkish Football replace all other things of relevance in the Üner household. Webkins run and hide as plushy Cthulhu hunts them, because their masters are too busy watching Doctor Who. Linda's sister gets married, I get to drive the best tractor ever, and much more.
See the photos...

A few favorites up to 2007

Here are a few shots from in between when I first started using the Mac for my photo collection and the end of 2007. There are literally tens of thousands of photos in that timeframe, so choosing a few is no small task, and I can't really claim these are "favorites" so much as a representative sampling. See the photos...

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