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South Dakota: The Badlands

Without a doubt my favorite natural feature of the trip, the Badlands surprised me with their diversity ranging from barren, forbidding canyons to green fields with brightly colored soft stone hills. We also made a stop at the Air and Space Museum, which was a terrific place we could have spent much more time at. Overall we made three trips to the Badlands, and I hope to make many more. See the photos...

South Dakota: Reptile Gardens

Reptile Gardens was an incredible place, and I have to admit I was just blown away. Sadly I seem to have lost most of my photos, but please enjoy these, and consider them as incentive to visit yourself. You will not be disappointed (with the visit I mean, I make no promises regarding my photos). See the photos...

South Dakota: Mount Rushmore

Ethan contemplates Rushmore Memorial
Mount Rushmore National Memorial is a fascinating place surrounded by controversy, but take all of the politics away and you have an incredible achievement befitting of both the men who carved it and the men whose face the monument bears. Here are a few select shots of our visit to the monument and the surrounding Black Hills area. See the photos...

South Dakota: Custer State Park

Linda, the boys and I took a much needed vacation, and decided on South Dakota. To date it is possibly the best vacation we have ever had. Our first stop was Custer State Park, where you can observe the buffalo, and then if you're so inclined, eat them in a fantastic restaurant. In this part one of a four part post, I am sharing some of the many photos we took at this breathtaking park.
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