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White Sox Field Days

Thanks to my awesome sister and brother-in-law, we got to enjoy a day at U.S. Cellular Field at the Chicago White Sox Family Field Day. We had a blast exploring all the parts of the park you don't typically get to access to, like down in the dugouts, the batting cages and the locker rooms; plus there was all the food, beer, and amazing views of the park you could ever ask for. Thanks Mike and Michelle!
t_Devininthedugoutt_Ethanshappyfacet_Lookingoutoverthefieldt_TheWhiteSoxWorldSeriesTrophy See the photos...

O'Hare Runway 9L-27R

My sister invited us to attend an event where we walked on Runway 9L-27R just before it opened. It was an absolutely amazing experience, and I got some great shots of the boys. See the photos...

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