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Cherry Yo Yo, Babaloo - There is no way you can listen to these guys and not smile. No way. (( Preview )) Ali's Here, Ali Farka Toure - Niafunke I was in a small venue with Bonnie Rait when she mentioned Ali, and I looked up his music. I was hooked, and bought all of it I could find. (( Preview )) Sugarcube, Yo La Tengo - Everything Is Nice: The Matador Records 10th Anniversa.ry Anthology (Disc 2) I heard this trio on GoGaGa Internet Radio before the DMCA killed them and other innovators. Whatever Happened to Gus, Medeski Martin & Wood - Combustication A good friend turned me on to this Jazz group, and this is by far my favorite piece. (( Preview )) All Wrong, Morphine - Cure For Pain A Random guy in a music store turned me on to this incredible sound. (( Preview ))