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The content of this site is © 2004 - 2011 Eric Ridvan Üner, except of course in cases where I provide copies of materials that are owned by their creators. If there is something you want to reuse, please contact me first and we will make the proper arrangements.

I did not create all the images you see on the site. As far as I know, I am using everything appropriately, but if not, I am hoping someone will let me know. As an artist myself, I know first hand what it is like to have work stolen, and I certainly would not want to do that. But I did want to use images and artwork that created a look for the site that was different from the watercolors and other art that I typically do, so although some of the images and photography in the banners on the site are mine, and I created all the compositions, I used icons and PNGs from other artists as well. So a little credit where credit is due here...

I designed the site using a theme from WeaverThemes, and although I modified it heavily and they do not ask for credit, it is certainly deserved because I think they did a terrific job. The same can be said for some of the tools I used, including Pixelmator and Groboto. The jQuery photo albums are created from Aperture using an Applescript and some awk that I wrote, which I am happy to share upon request.

The following artists or sites contributed icons or vector art:

  • http://sking.pandela.net
  • www.iconcubic.com
  • www.everaldo.com
  • www.yellowicon.com
  • Steven Ansell, http://www.stevenansell.com
  • Cemagraphics
  • Icondrawer, http://icondrawer.com/
I know I missed some, but that is because I simply do not have all the information on some of the sources. Some of them were sets from the IconFactory from long ago, and I saved only individual icons, and I was unable to find the artist or icon set by searching the Internet. If you know of someone I missed, please tell me and I will credit them. If I used your artwork inappropriately, please tell me and I will remove it.

The Oblique Strategies are mostly from Brian Eno and Peter Schmidt, and are used with permission. Others are added by myself or friends.

The random puns and Turkish proverbs come from a variety of open sources on the Internet, and are not my original work.

The rest of content is all original from myself and my sons. If there is something you don't like, you can continue to complain to your screen and absorb its radiation or you can just contact me and I am sure we can resolve it. Most people consider me rather reasonable and friendly, and I mean no offense to anyone. Well, almost anyone.

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Thank you for visiting, for reading, and thanks to all the people that contributed to the fine software that made all this possible.

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