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"Deep Storm," by Lincoln Child

I have to agree with some of the other reviews I have read in that the plot line is a bit familiar, but I disagree in their thinking that that detracts from the book. After all, the best stories I know are also some of the most predictable, and they often follow the same time-tested paths to the end. I admit, though, that this one had trouble pulling me in at first. With some of Child's other novels, I was quickly pulled in, but this one needed some more time. Once I was hooked, however, I was hooked pretty well.

There were some interesting twists, but they were subtle character or relationship surprises more so than major plot twists, which I actually appreciate more. I further found the true nature of what they found under the sea to be unique and imaginative, and I really enjoyed the final interpretations by some of the characters.

I continue to be a reader of Child's and of his collaborations with Preston, and I've never been disappointed. Deep Storm may not be my favorite of Child's novels, but it was an enjoyable listen and more thought provoking than it appears on the surface. In an odd way, this novel reminded me of Lovecrafts works, whereby a far fetched or fantastic tale was told, but there was always a hint the the truth was simpler, and could be explained by science. Then, in the end, the truth is more horrible and implies such terror that the fantasy of the story is paled and replaced with something right at the edge of our ability to imagine. For that most of all, this book is a winner.