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Other √úners

If you are looking for other members of the √úner family, please contact me and I will put you in touch. Many, but not all of them, of them can be reached at (firstname)

Current contact information

For most matters my current home email address will do:

I can respond to both personal and professional emails at that address, or get you to the proper resource. Please ask for my PGP key or send me an S/MIME signed email first for better results (I accept and can use ORC certificates with US Government agencies and contractors - unclassified only at this address).

Professional contact information

Since the majority of my visitors come looking for articles, code samples, technical advice, verification of who I am (though I cannot imagine there are too may "Eric Uner"s in the world), I hope these links help.


Redwall Technologies

I can help you with matters related to Redwall's mobile security technology. Email me or visit Redwall's Web site for more information.

Sentinel Security Corporation

I can refer you to the right resource to help you with any information related to HYDRA, Sentinel Security Corporation's a revolutionary information security platform. For more information on HYDRA, or any other matters related to Sentinel, contact me or visit Sentinel's Web site.

I truly try and respond to every email, but if for some reason I do not respond to yours it's possibly because:

  1. The nature of my work precludes an appropriate answer,
  2. My workload or location prevents a prompt reply, or
  3. Your email was flagged as Spam and I never got it (sorry).
Please don't take offense, additional rude emails will not help your cause. I like to think of myself as a nice guy, and I am not ignoring you or being rude, I assure you. I truly appreciate your time in contacting me, and am often humbled by both the nature and volume of your emails, and I promise I read each and every one.

Design credits

I designed this site especially for you, and it was a lot of work, but I would appreciate it if you considered some of the resources I used in doing so.

Articles and Press

I have been fortunate enough to be allowed to contribute several technical articles to trade publications, as well to be interviewed by some of the most respected publications in the industry.

Some of my presentations and design work has gained the attention of the graphics art and design industry.